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April 28 through May 4

Sunday, April 28, 1996

A great weekend was had by all! The best hospitality in Montana must come from Frank and Lois Stimac. They warmly and generously opened their house and yard for everyone to BBQ, camp and just relax. Friday a lot of friends and supporters drove out to catch up with what was happening with the guys. Both Roland and John retold many of their favorite stories about the people and places they have encountered so far. It was a good time!

Saturday they decided to take a day and do some “white water” rafting and kayaking on the Dearborn River with friends. They said the river was low, but they had a good time even thought they were almost froze when they got off.

They departed the Stimac’s place today around noon and were planning to float to just past Cascade and camp on one of the islands there. If they follow their plans, they should be arriving in Great Falls sometime on Wednesday. I’ll keep you posted.

Excerpts from John’s Journal

Sunday, April 28, 1996

Steve and Rob (the key culprit) canoed with us today as we headed to Cascade. After Half-Breed Rapids we were suddenly out of the mountains we had just spent the last 2 weeks in and just as sudden the current ended. Steve & Rob got a taste of what paddling is all about on the last 7 miles. Roland and myself had already reached Cascade, walked into town, ate dinner and were getting back into our boats when up they floated. We said our good-byes and continued an additional 3 miles to what we refer to as Our own private island when the wind finally quit, we had a beautiful evening. Roland had an opportunity to make the fishing score 3 to 1 but his line broke just as he got the fish to shore. This made the second lure of mine he has lost, he says “They weren’t lost, they were stolen!” Thief Fish. (rt)

Monday, April 29, 1996

Paddle, Paddle, Paddle all day with the wind almost always in our faces. In this region the river is so slow and winding that it takes forever to get anywhere. Late in the day we finally reached Ulm, walked to the Village Inn, and indulged in the most succulent Prime Rib. Julie showed up so I went into town to leave the two of them alone.

Tuesday, April 30, 1996

We got up before 7 in the morning and paddled non-stop all day. This day, to date is the furthest we traveled in one day. After finally rounding the big bend, houses started popping up on the river banks. At 3:30 in the afternoon we hit the city limits of Great Falls just as the wind began to howl. We took out and stood on home turf. We have received reports of funky things happening on the Web-Site so intend to take the next few days off to fix them and restore any supplies we have depleted. See Ya on the other side of the Falls!!!